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      Corrupt press puts poetry into heads.

It’s a limited company run by me, Dylan Harris. When I came to Paris in December 2009, I found many interesting anglophone poets, a lively scene, magazines, but no small press. Worse, some British, Irish and American poetry presses seemed unwilling to publish poets from their abroad. In consequence, good poets weren’t getting published. So, in 2011, I set the press up.

Non-anglophone English can be an interesting source of new language. The poetry may sometimes seem odd to native speakers, but is it error, a style that’s not yet established, a different grammar, an effect a native speaker would struggle to achieve, or what? That’s why I want poetry from poets whose mother tongues exclude English.

The contact address is mail@corruptpress.net.
quelques parutions
      Trial Balloons (2012)

Poètes édités
  • Alexander Dickow

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